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    Game Description:

    Lost Pearl is a colorful puzzle game helping you to improve your concentration skills. There are three/five sea shells placed in a row and only one of them has the Pearl in it. The player has to identify the right sea shell. At the start of the level, the shells are opened for a flicker of moment and then the shells are shuffled randomly. The player has to watch keenly and identify the right shell in the first attempt. On Successful finding, the player advances to the next level, on failure moves to a lower level. There are about 150+ levels to explore.

    Game Features:

    1.Spot the pearl that eludes the eyes.

    2.Bring the wavering mind to a focused state.

    3.Slightly complex arcade mode puts forth next level of challenge.


    1.Compatible with iphone and ipod touch devices.

    2.Requirement Os 4.0 or later

    Hill stone animations studio announces, that the game will be available on Apple itunes for download in lower cost.
    07-17-2010 03:08 AM