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    LoseIt! by FitNow, Inc
    Currently Free, ****1/2


    • Built in database of hundreds of restaurant and brand name food nutritional values
    • Smart enough to change as you lose weight


    • Sometimes app developer slow to update database
    • Can't add food diary info from website

    If you are looking for a way to keep track of not only what you eat, but how many calories, fat, sodium, etc that you are eating along with how much exercise you are getting AND how they work together in counting calories, than this is the app for you.

    You start off by creating an account, which also creates an account at their website, Lose it! - Succeed at weight loss using your iPhone where you can run reports and manage friends to help keep you motivated to lose weight. You can get table or chart reports on different time periods with calorie intake, weight loss and many other things.

    What you do is you enter your starting weight, your birthdate, height, sex and your goal weight. Then, you can pick from losing every where from nothing to 2 lbs per week. It then calculates how many calories per week you should be eating and keeps track of that. When you exercise it subtracts those calories from the day and when you eat it adds them. The app has a nice line chart to show your weight over time as well.

    But the real power is in LoseIt's database of chain restaurants and brand name foods. Not only is it vast, it's all local so you don't have to pull data down to get the information. I put my iPhone in airplane mode and was able to add food just fine. You can also add your own foods and recipes to use. The ability to pick from a group of icons for each thing you create is new in the last update and is a very welcome addition.

    It also has a database of exercises and with approximate calories burned for doing that. Or, you can create your own exercises again with the ability to pick from some other icons to keep them straight visually.

    The last update was a big update for the database of foods. It took a very long time for the app developer to push this update out. Hopefully future updates will come faster. You can suggest restaurants on their website or you can just add your own if you find the info on the restaurants website or off the label of the food you bought.

    Many people who use the app would like to be able to add to their food journal via the website, but I don't think that's a major deal since it's an iPhone app, not a web app.
    07-16-2010 12:52 PM
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    Thanks for the review, I might actually get it. If I do, I'll let you know what I think.
    07-16-2010 01:13 PM