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    With the new LED flash on the all new iPhone 4, flashlight applications are being developed. Stellar Apps, LLC appears to have one of the most complete applications in the iTunes Store. It's called Multifunction LED Flashlight, using the new LED flash on the iPhone 4. It has features that have not yet been seen with the new flashlight applications that have been coming out for iPhone 4. We have the basic flashlight, in which the user can turn the flashlight on and off with no issues. Additionally, we have the strobe light with a wider range between slow SOS and ultra fast party strobe if you compare it to the competition. Music can be played in the background while the strobe is running as well. The last feature that we have not seen elsewhere is a fully user controlled morse code. The interface offers a button to control the morse code, and it allows the user to dictate the speed, length, and frequency of the light. We feel this is a great new feature that nobody else has offered yet, allowing friends to make up their own personal code and communicate non-verbally.

    To offer a visual on these features, I have included a link to the YouTube video which demonstrates the feature set of our application. It is short and to the point.

    This application is available now in the iTunes store for $.99 The first three individuals to download this application using the codes below, get it for free! Enjoy!
    07-15-2010 03:42 PM

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