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    Pinch redefines messaging just as iPhone redefined smartphones!

    Pinch is an iMessenger service that will change the way you interact with friends forever. It has never been so easy to chat with your friends, share your status updates and always stay in touch no matter where you are!

    1. Always stay connected with friends & colleagues on our Smartphone iMessenger
    - Easier: Register with Facebook; No need to sign in/out or even add friends
    - Greater Reach: Pinch friends on the iPhone/Android/Blackberry/Web/Facebook Pinchapp or simply chat with all your contacts on email
    - More Fun: 450+ fun emoticons; Picture Messages, Sporty Animations, Personalized themes & wallpapers, Leaderboards
    - More Accessible: Access Pinch on Ur Mobile, Web, Facebook App, iPad & more concurrently
    - Unlimited Free PUSH TEXT & Picture Messaging: No SMS costs, No International Charges, No Roaming or data costs over Wi-Fi
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    2. Stay organized with our iContacts Service
    - Easier: Auto-discover friends from Facebook, Twitter & phone contacts
    - Organized: One-Click Merge & Manage duplicate contacts in Groups
    - Faster: Pinch / Email / SMS phone contacts
    (**Special: 75% discount. Pinch simplifies life for U!)

    3. Enjoy the journey & find friends nearby with iLocation Sense

    - Map Miles: Enjoy cool map views, innovative map pins & track your journey privately
    - Friends: Stay updated with Friends Profiles, Activities & Auto-location updates & Leaderboards
    - Nearby: Search nearby users, Send photos, Share location selectively, Poke, Kick & Pinch friends
    - Games: Play to Win real rewards on our Leaderboard contests
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    Other new features:
    -Send Innovative iMessenger Animations: Exclusive and ingenious animations linked to real actions in sports and more! (**Special: Still missing the FIFA fever? Kick a football to friends)
    -Designed specially for iOS4 with retina display images, multitasking & in-app SMS capabilites fully utilized in Pinchapp
    -FREE Facebook Virtual Phone App to allow all Your Facebook friends without smartphones to connect with you for FREE on Pinch iMessenger

    NOTE: App download includes 1 Year Service Level Commitments
    - Fully Featured Pinch Services with free unlimited storage of all messages
    - Free Upgrades & continued enhancements with monthly releases. (Free upgrade to iPad coming soon)
    - Cross Platforms Messaging Support: iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Blackberry, Android, Symbian, Windows Mobile, Web and Facebook.
    - Continued real promotions, real contests and special offers on our Leaderboards (All promotions are fully sponsored by Affle Media. Apple is not a sponsor of, or responsible for conducting the promotions.)
    Contact us anytime on our live customer support within Pinch iMessenger or email us at feedback@pinchapp.com

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