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    Hey Guys! I got a ton of promo codes for our once top 25 Flashlight app!

    We've really gone out and made a lot of cool UI changes this weekend...Check it out HERE!

    EMAIL US at mbskypromo@gmail.com.
    We give out all our promo codes through that email so add us to your address book and let us know if you want us to offer you promo codes for all our future apps!

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    07-12-2010 08:38 PM
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    No thanks. LED Light is a much better program and I didn't have to give my email address to some stranger so they could turn around and sell it to spammers.
    07-12-2010 09:39 PM
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    How do you know if LED Light is much better? No one has a UI like ours...you haven't tried it. I'll give you a code through PM if you doubt me.

    I have no need to sell your email to spammers...I don't even know what you're talking about on that one.

    It's just easier for me to give promo codes through email when I'm giving out 120 codes in one night. Even giving them out through email is a pain...but PM takes a minutes to let you send another.

    Man...you try and do something nice...I don't even need to give these out...I don't even have to promote...the app is the second most popular LED Flashlight app on the store. It was in the top 25 all last week. Now it's in the top 25 in it's section.

    Geez man.

    BTW: Macrumors story
    That's me...you should thank me for the fact that you even have an LED Flashlight.
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