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    Dear Forum Members,

    I have recently released an iPhone application that you may be interested in. It's called Mass Text Message and it allows you to create custom groups. Once created, you can send a text message to that group in a matter of seconds.

    Also, the "ReadyText" function allows you to save messages for re-use. As an iPhone user, you know how tedious it can be to address a text message to more than one person. This app is an efficient and simple solution to that problem.

    For a video, screenshots, and detailed description, log on to:
    Mass Text Message for iPhone Info | Facebook

    Here is what some users have said about the app:

    "This is going to save me so much time it is insane! Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!
    I've been using it all morning today and it's very intuitive and super easy to use."

    "I've been waiting for this app for years!
    This app alone will save me 2+ hours a month in productivity. Well worth the $2.99!!"

    This application was featured in the New and Noteworthy section of the Productivity App store. Currently, the application has a 5-Star Rating from users.

    The potential uses for this application are broad and numerous:
    -Communicate social plans with friends
    -Emergency notification systems
    -Send reminders to sports teams, community groups, or employees
    -Send information to employees in the field
    -Communicate meeting times and details
    The possibilities are endless.

    Please consider doing a review of this application.

    David Livengood
    CEO, Livengood Software
    07-10-2010 01:00 AM
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    This is a well done APP I wll be sending a Re-tweet for you. can you provide a promo to do a review for you ?
    07-10-2010 04:32 AM
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    Kenneth - Thanks for agreeing to write a review. Here's a promo code for you: TK7P4YYN4TAT

    Would anyone else like to do a review? Claim it!

    07-13-2010 02:38 AM