1. sky00's Avatar
    NO.1 xTown Guangzhou Asian Games $0.99
    xTown Guangzhou Asian Games multi-languages address cards of Guangzhou shopping,food,hotels, transportation, banks and Scenic Spots.
    All of these can be used offline, no need to pay expensive roaming fee!
    Besides, xTown Shanghai Expo has a very useful xClipper function, , you can collect the information from the internet to you xClipper account, and synchronize in your Iphone, so you can read this information anywhere. The price is only $0.99, is cheaper and useful than the congener software.

    NO.2 Shanghai Taxi Guide $9.99
    The feather of Shanghai Taxi Guide provide more than 3000ís address of Shanghai hotels, Scenic Spots and so on, the tourist can take the taxi very convenient even they are Chinese are bad, the Shanghai Taxi Guide can show the destination to the taxi driver directly if they need.

    NO.3 Show and go China $4.99
    Geogini is covering 4 major China cities: Beijing、Shanghai 、Shenzhen and Guangzhou. The app includes tourist locations, restaurants, hotels, street names and so on.

    NO.4 CIM China Travel Guide V1.0. 0 $1.99
    The app is covering popular cities of Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Xi'an. It provides dining, nightlife, spa and accommodation, etc.Besides, 200+ playable Chinese sounds to break your language barrier.

    NO.5 Guangzhou Travel Guide $0.99
    Guangzhou's travel guide provides travel guide such as: General info, Districts, Getting there, Transport, Sights, Shopping, Entertainment, Eat, Place to stay, etc. It can be used offline. But the pictures are not so much beautiful to attracting you.
    07-09-2010 04:03 AM
  2. Christian Tang's Avatar
    I can highly recommend the application Guangzhou Taxi-book which works as a navigation.You can show addresses through your Iphone to the taxi-driver or play up a voice that tells the address through the speakers. It uses gps so you know where you are in relation to the address you need to go to! Very up to date with several other features.
    03-26-2012 02:53 AM