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    EDIT**: NOW FREE!!

    The iPhone app is called Face2Place and, in line with iOS 4 and Places, our app is first of itís kind in that locations are attached to contacts automatically.

    A quick background - we are ďTouch Mobile ExpertiseĒ, a pair of Australian software developers who recently finished Uni and have been doing contract iPhone development for a number of large clients.

    App Store link: Face2Place for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the iTunes App Store

    Description on Store:

    Take your contact list to the next level with Face2Place, a must have app that automatically saves a photo and the location when you add new friends!

    Face2Place - Putting your friends on the map!

    Have you ever looked through your contact list and come across a name you canít put a face or a place to? Face2Place is a cutting edge iPhone application that incorporates the deviceís GPS capabilities to track when and where new contacts are added.

    Whenever you meet someone, open up Face2Place, enter their key details, click the photo icon to take a photo, press the ďsaveĒ button, and youíre done! When opening up the new contact in Face2Place, youíll be able to view when and where you met them on Google Maps along with their photo, details and the time/date they were added. Itís a fun way to meet new people and to refresh your memory when searching through contacts.


    - Easy to use and fun interface
    - FaceToPlace automatically saves the location of where you add your friends
    - View the date and time you added all your contacts, not just those through FaceToPlace
    - FaceToPlace saves all contacts and the location information to your central Contacts address book for easing syncing with other devices
    - Sort through your contact list by time and date added
    - Open the World Map view to see all your friends as pins on a map!

    Remember, only those contacts added through Face2Place will have a location attached, so the sooner you start using Face2Place, the sooner you can start putting your friends on the map!

    Here are some free voucher codes, please leave a reply if you are using a voucher, and if you could leave a review here and/or on the store that'd be great .


    Kind Regards

    David Watts
    Co-owner - Touch Mobile Expertise
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    clamed will review
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    No outside US love again *cry*
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    Logan, unfortunately the redeem codes seem to only work for US Store. I really don't understand why. I paid the same licence fee as US Developers, why shouldn't I be able to give my friends codes?

    Anyway - the app has no reviews on the US Store yet, so if any US people want to put a review on the store, and/or write a review in general, PM me and i'll give you a voucher.

    07-09-2010 12:55 PM
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    Free for a short time only guys. check it out ^^
    07-13-2010 03:46 AM