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    I am using my iPhone as my work pager - a trade off that I had to make to get the iPhone. On my BlackBerry, I could set up unique tone for both an SMS from my work's ops center and for emails from specific addresses (also the work ops center).

    I found MailTones from Electric Pocket (for email) and set it up... it worked while testing it, but now it does not. The premise is that you forward your email to an email address that they provide you and then they send a notification back to your phone containing the contents of the email, and using their iPhone app, sound an alert... My ops center attempted to page me last night and MailTones failed me, and I never got the alert.

    Does anyone have a recommendation for a similar app - one that works? Free is good, but if it works, I am willing to pay for it...
    07-07-2010 03:19 PM