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    Here we recommend a useful tip calculator-TipGuide

    Recently I created a useful tip calculatorTipGuide, and I hope you will like it.

    1\Application areas: USA and the surrounding areas.
    2\Application fields: With a TipGuide, you can easily calculate the tip in almost all occasions.
    3\Overall tipping guidelines: TipGuide is not just a tip calculator, it also offers comprehensive guidelines. When you are in an unfamiliar situation and do not know whether to tip or how much to tip, Tip Guidecan help you.
    4\Clean interface: Independent keyboard design, more suitable for your usage.
    5\Reasonable price: only $0.99, a reasonable price, It is no doubt the most cost-effective tip calculator.

    6\link: (delete)itunes.apple.com/cn/app/tipguide/(delete)id373033749?mt=8
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