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    I did a quick search and realised nobody actually posted this here?

    qik.com / blog / qvcpro /
    (sorry, can't post proper url as i'm new)

    Qik has this Video Camera app, which tipb reviewed a while back. its a paid app. (i think its around $1.99?)

    With iOS4, some features are no longer available, and the developer came up with a new version. instead of offering it free to people who've paid for the app, they released it under another name, and wants you to buy basically the same app again.

    such tactics!

    fine, you say. we can continue to use the old version and not upgrade. the problem is, the older app cannot run in iOS4. it just crashed. so now people like me, who've paid for the app, can't use it anymore on iOS4.

    07-05-2010 10:32 PM
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    I use the heck out of Qik. I was disappointed when it didn't run on the iPhone 4. But I'll gladly pay 2 bucks for it!

    Hrmm...after much searching, I don't see a new version (pay or otherwise) that supports the iPhone 4. The old pay version for the 3G (made since it didn't have video built in) doesn't say anything about the 4, and we know Qik Live doesn't work on the 4.

    Still searching the Qik site.
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    07-05-2010 10:41 PM