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    Hi there,

    I am proud to announce that I finished and submitted my latest app. It is a news feed reader with an amazing user interface which is similar to Pulse News Reader. Luckily, I posted screenshots long before Pulse Reader was public.

    It works on iPhone as well:

    You can send articles to Twitter (including Bit.ly URL-shortening) or via mail. For later reading Instapaper and Read It Later is included.

    The free version only runs on iPhone since iAd is not supported on iPad.
    The paid version is $1.99 until July, 12th. Later, the price is $2.99.

    More information can be found here: News Wall for iPad & iPhone | danielkbx or at the App Store.

    I appreciate any feedback, so feel free to send me your opinion.

    Regards, McKirk
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    07-05-2010 11:34 AM
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    The paid app is available at the App Store now. I added the link and the price to the first post.
    Hopefully, the free version makes it today.
    07-09-2010 06:54 AM
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    I sent out Re Tweet to my 518 followers for you job well done
    07-09-2010 12:01 PM