1. shodka8's Avatar
    Is it Beejive? Or IM+?

    I just got my iPad hence all the quesitons. I would love to see what y'all think!
    07-05-2010 09:36 AM
  2. Leanna Lofte's Avatar
    I like Beejive more, but I believe it's a lot more expensive.
    07-05-2010 10:04 AM
  3. shodka8's Avatar
    What does Beejive offer vs IM+??
    07-05-2010 12:30 PM
  4. Duvi's Avatar
    IM+ uses a universal binary I believe so you
    can use it for both iPhone and iPad, but
    BeeJive is just sooooo sexy. I rather pay
    $10 twice than $5 once. Haha. Your
    07-05-2010 12:35 PM
  5. shodka8's Avatar
    Bahahaa thanks Duvi, I'm a start following you on twitter!!!
    07-05-2010 01:19 PM
  6. adot777's Avatar
    Beejive is expensive!!!
    07-10-2010 09:21 AM
  7. Alinka's Avatar
    I like Fring app
    07-16-2010 02:07 PM
  8. OTACORB's Avatar
    IM+ gets my vote! Someone asked what does BeeJive offer over IM+ Good Question! Maybe Duvi can't tell us! LOL
    07-16-2010 02:16 PM
  9. pchris's Avatar
    I am mostly using IM+, but i like AIM as well
    07-22-2010 04:44 PM