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    We are a new development team, LocBay Ltd, having just released our fresh [and first!] iPhone app Scanmobile.

    Its a nifty little app built around our patented image enhancement technology, which turns a smartphone into a portable document scanner machine.
    Our image enhancement technology has great results on maniupalting document [or drawings] images, produced by relatively poor quality cameras, as are those found on smartphones, by clearing out background noise, poor lightning effects, distorted perspective geometry etc

    Our app's logic is quite simple, you capture a photo of a document, bill, receipt, even a monitor display. You adjust the -useful- image boundaries. You process to create a crisp image that you can [through the application] e-mail as a pdf document or store as a jpeg for future use. All processing takes place on the device, so no web communication or external storage is required.

    I am certain that you are aware of other similar apps being around for some time, but it is my firm belief that our patented technology can indeed produce better, crispier results with smaller file sizes!
    Ive tried out all the similar apps, so please feel free to do the same and compare them to our app.

    Our approach would be to create a simple, easy, and quick-to-use application, which will get the job done in just 5 clicks! No pompous features, no complex functionalities, no need for elaborate fine tuning sliders, bars and boxes. Simple, easy, and accurate. Thats Scanmobile.

    Of course, any comment, suggestion, correction etc is always more than welcome!

    Below you can see several screenshots of the application :

    Take a picture:

    to use as input:

    rename to your liking:

    adjust the borders:

    hit process:


    hit the export button, to save as jpeg or send in an e-mail as a pdf attachment:

    and another example, showing perspective correction:

    07-03-2010 04:57 AM