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    A new series of the annoteBook by Dathlon, dedicated to all the lovers of Latin language.

    The first Volume of the Latin poets, including the following poems collections:

    • Catullus - Carmina
    • Lucretius - De Rerum Natura
    • Horatius - Carmina
    • Horatius - Epodes
    • Tibullus - Carmina
    • Propertius - Elegiae

    available at App Store at the incredible price of .99

    The second Volume, including

    • Horatius - Sermones
    • Phaedrus - Fabularum Aesopiarum (the Aesop fables)
    • Iuvenalis - Saturae
    • Ovidius - Metamorphoses
    • Ovidius - Ars amatoria
    • Avianus - Fabulae

    is being approved by Apple. Should be out in a few days.

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