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    Redesigned, re-conceived, reborn exclusively for the iPad!

    We are absolutely thrilled to announce the release of Alarm Tunes HD, effective today!

    Our Alarm Tunes product has been such a success on the iPhone and iPod Touch thanks to you and many others around the world. As a result, we have worked really hard to deliver a brand new version taking advantage of the iPad's unique form factor and use cases.

    In addition to being an extremely capable iPod based alarm clock, Alarm Tunes HD makes for a great center piece and entertainment solution with it's attractive design and well thought out music controls. Alarm Tunes HD gives you a variety of themes and viewing modes to best suit your personality and mood any day of the week.

    Alarm Tunes HD in many ways is our best version of Alarm Tunes to date and is a definite by-product of user requests and feedback from you and our many customers.

    Feature Highlights:

    - 12/24 Hour Clock
    - iPod Alarm Clock
    - Music Control Panel for Casual Play
    - Multiple Themes/Colors
    - Fine Tuned Brightness Control
    - Fine Tuned Volume Control
    - Preview of Next Alarm Time
    - Alarm Scheduling (Everyday, Weekends, Weekdays, Once, etc)
    - Multiple Alarms
    - Load any number of songs, albums, podcasts, audio books, movie audio, custom sounds, playlists and more…
    - Shuffle mode
    - Custom Snooze Settings
    - Custom Music Timer (music shuts off after designated time period
    - Much More ...

    We really hope you like this version of Alarm Tunes for the iPad, and as with the original you can look forward to many updates in the future based on your continuous feedback.

    iTunes Link: http://itunes.com/apps/alarmtuneshd
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    06-29-2010 12:58 PM
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    We are really excited and honored to be featured by Apple as a New and Noteworth app on the main App Store page!

    As a result, Alarm Tunes HD is currently on sale for .99 cents (US)!

    iTunes Link: iTunes Store
    07-11-2010 11:01 AM
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    hmm, nice release, very cool and amazing!
    Will get it have a try for sure.
    07-14-2010 10:44 PM