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    This software provides female a calculation tool for their safe period, which helps female calculate themselves menstrual cycle much more convenient.

    What's New in Version 2.0
    LadyCycle 2.0 is with new interface and it provides more abundant and professional functions.And version 1.1 is reserved and 2 versions can be switched to use. More function is under developing and it will come to you in our future version.

    1). Optimize the old version calendar's interface
    2). Add more professional 2.0 version
    3). Can switch between new version and old version
    4). 2.0 can calculate the menstrual period automatically according to the date input.
    5). 2.0 has menstrual period reminder function
    6). 2.0 has calendar memorandum function (daily)
    7). 2.0 has emotion record function (daily)
    8). 2.0 has health condition record function (daily)
    9). 2.0 provides a more integrate "help" list
    10). The user send us feedback or suggestion through the 2.0 "EMAIL" function will receive one promo code of our application (any one of those charge applications) once the feedback or suggestion adopted.
    06-29-2010 10:09 AM