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    I want to tell you about new application that compatible with the new great iOs4.
    It's called: Super Keyboard - Full Screen Keyboard Eng.
    This app should take place instead the native iphone's keyboard when typing
    long text like SMS, emails, notes etc
    The keys (buttons) are 200% larger than the regular buttons, and
    you see the content behind the keyboard because it's semi transparent.
    Every thing is customizable and with the new multitasking the app is very useful.


    With the new feature of iOs4, Super Keyboard are running in the background and from any app which you are using like: "Awesome notes", calendar,TODO
    you can easily switch to Super Keyboard, type the text, one click COPY and paste anywhere you want.

    - The settings area suffer of lack of design.
    - The click sound is a little bit noisy but is possible to turn it off.
    - Only English and numeric for now.

    - Everything is customizable.
    - Great idea using whole screen, much bigger buttons.
    - SMS, email, google, user's search engine, copy paste and more.
    - Numeric keyboard is keypad designed.

    Website, i cannot post the url due to my posts count
    06-29-2010 04:16 AM