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    Is anyone else having issues with loading posted comments and/or posting to article comments from within this app??
    For some reason I have always had issues on my 3G with this application. It's a shame because of the two 'Mashable' apps on the app store this one has the nicest interface for Mashable's content. I have defaulted to using the other one most of the time, but it isn't Near as sweet of an interface as this one. Does anyone know what I'm talking about here?
    I've been in e-mail correspondence with the guys over at 'nclud', but they tell me there's no way for them to check the veracity of my claim.
    What happens from within the app is that when I try to 'load' comments from an article is that they just 'load' Indeffinitely! Really! I've even skipped the loading of existing comments and gone ahead and tried to post comments of my own, then went to the web to see if they took, but I've never seen that they actually have. This is very frustrating. I can count the # of times on one hand that the comments actually Have loaded.
    The guys at 'nclud' have said that they think that it has to do with a 'time stamp' issue, but they have updated the app at least a couple of times, but this glitch has never been fixed from my exp. Anyone else know of this?
    06-26-2010 05:24 AM