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    Studies show most workers get stressed out by someone at work

    New Iphone/Ipod Touch application helps you fight off your stress.

    New York June 2009 Creator Abhijeet Wable announces a new iphone/ipod touch application called Stress Fighter. Stress Fighter is a application that lets you take a picture of the person that's giving you stress and lets your put it on one of eight pre-rendered 3D bodies.

    You can then beat up whoever is giving you stress by fighting him/her with up to 12 special weapons like a baseball bat, golf club and even a taser without ever getting in trouble. You can also take a photo of your work place and use it as a background for fighting as well. You can also use photos from your photo library

    Abhijeet Wable, creator, said,"I created Stress Fighter to let people beat up their boss or whoever they distaste without jeopardizing their job at the same time. It's all for fun and just for a buck!"

    Abhijeet Wable is a creator of applications for the Iphone and other smart phones.

    Stress Fighter is currently available on the Itunes store App store world wide for $0.99 US. It will be coming to other smartphones soon.


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    Abhijeet Wable
    06-25-2010 08:45 PM