1. astonkiller's Avatar
    hi first post (hi) had a free memory app for some time now iPhone 3G but whith os4 does not seam too work anymore any help would be cool thx.
    06-25-2010 07:51 PM
  2. OTACORB's Avatar
    There is no help! Unless they make it compatible for use with the iOS4 it likely won't work. Why would you need this considering the iPhone 4 pretty much has its own memory management system built in?
    06-25-2010 07:57 PM
  3. astonkiller's Avatar
    sorry it's for my 3G on the IOS4 software don't have a iPhone 4G(I wish).
    06-25-2010 08:08 PM
  4. OTACORB's Avatar
    sorry it's for my 3G on the IOS4 software don't have a iPhone 4G(I wish).
    Ahh, yes well that makes sense. They will have to make it compatible with the iOS4. You may want to go into iTunes and click on the Developers Web Site link and ask them if they are working on a new version.
    06-25-2010 08:14 PM
  5. astonkiller's Avatar
    thx for the help..
    06-26-2010 07:15 AM
  6. tkd27's Avatar
    I seem to recall Steve Jobs banning all the memory management apps a while ago because they weren't sandboxed. If iOS 4 killed your app, I don't think your going to get an update without jailbreaking (which you probably can't do because your on iOS 4).
    06-26-2010 10:01 AM
  7. stphnman20's Avatar
    Yea the iOS4 makes my 3g really slow. Makes the keyboard lag really bad! But no, there isn't a fix for it other then get the new i4..
    06-26-2010 10:34 AM
  8. jakej914's Avatar
    Apple killed memory-freeing apps some time ago. Even with my iPhone 4, however, I've been using an old version of iStat that has this feature. As with any computer, after a while, the memory needs to be cleared. The best way to do this if you don't have a working app is a soft restart. (Maybe ~ once a day.)
    06-27-2010 12:08 PM
  9. IGoSlo's Avatar
    I'm using iPhoneVM on my 3G OS 4.0. Increased my available mem by about 35%. What I'm looking for is a way to physically change my System partition?
    07-19-2010 09:17 AM