1. MobileMania's Avatar
    I dunno if it just me but Ive been asked for my password whenever I open the App store application. Whenever I want to buy or download, it asks me for my password. It is really annoying.

    Please help. I am at my wits end. Thank you!
    06-24-2010 12:18 PM
  2. uhanrodric's Avatar
    Theres no way around this. It's really for your own protection, so your friend or some random stranger doesn't pick up your iPhone or iPad, and jack up your credit-card bill. The apps are non-refundable, so I think this is a nice security feature.
    07-04-2010 09:11 AM
  3. xultar's Avatar
    yeah but it seems to happen for a while then it stops.

    BTW my iPhone isn't doing it. But then sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn't.

    I think there is a problem. It shouldn't be asking when you view the app store just when you purchase.
    07-04-2010 01:20 PM
  4. msbaylor's Avatar
    are you saying that randomly (without buying a purchase) it asks for your password? But then stops for awhile? I have had that happen, but I was sharing my account with a damily member that was trying out the iPhone. Try changing your account password.
    07-04-2010 01:39 PM
  5. MobileMania's Avatar
    xultar, I guess you are right. It stopped now. I used to be able to view iTunes without being asked for a password.

    I really appreciate the inputs.
    07-05-2010 05:14 AM