1. schawla's Avatar
    I just thought I'd share this little gem with you, picture this scenario.

    It's a Saturday night, you're a little (lot) drunk and your speech has a taken a turn for the sluuurrrrrrry, you're hungry but the language barrier is preventing you from ordering any food.

    This is the exact predicament I was in on Saturday night after a very boozy day out. So I searched the app store for takeaway ordering apps and lo and behold there WAS an app for that.

    I tried something called iSayTakeaway, it found my location and told me what restaurants delivered to me, I created my order, choose to pay by cash and pressed send. 20 minutes later, piping hot pizza delivered to my door. Sweet!!

    I've attached a screenshot of the app from my work address, it's just so cool. I'm going to to use it everyday.

    Moral of the story is, I love you iPhone.

    Does anyone else have any stories of how the iPhone has come through for you in times of desperation?
    06-22-2010 05:45 AM