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"Mosaic Emoji Messenger" is NOT one of those simple emoji enablers overflowing in AppStore.

(But if you would still like to install one of the simple humdrum emojis, there are lots of FREE emoji enablers available. Check these out! "Emoji Free!", "Awesome Emoji"...)


In addition to the basic use of emoticons, you can now create your own pictorial SMS by over 400 emojis. There are millions of ways to mosaic emoji into awesome pictographs. Unlimited possibilities offer you unlimited fun!

    Special Highlights:

    1. Mosaicking with Emoji
Use emoticons to create your own style or pattern of emoji pictographs such as heart, umbrella, etc. Draw anything that you can imagine. Save it as your own template or just send it out. Everyone can be a great designer. Time to explore the art of Mosaic!

    2. Typing Emoji Text
Annoyed of the boring text messages? Typing in "Mosaic Emoji Messenger" will turn your tedious text into fancy, colorful emoji text. Let's excavate the SMS delight!


3. In-App SMS
To catch up with the new features of iSO 4, now you can compose SMS messages with emoji from within "Mosaic Emoji Messenger". This is similar to the Mail compose sheet added in iPhone SDK 3.0. Mosaic your emoji message, then send it out! It's just as simple as that.


What're you waiting for? Draw it now!



Basic Instruction:
- Choose an emoji 
- Slide the instruction bar in the middle to "Drawing with "
- Tip on the SMS bubble and mosaic your own artwork.
- Press "GO" on the top left corner. Choose "Save as Template" or "Send the Message"


Replacing Function:
- Slide the instruction bar to "Replace  with "
- Tap the unwanted emoji in the SMS bubble
- Choose the replacing emoji 
- Instruction bar shows "Replace  with "

    - Press "Replace" at the bottom right


Texting Emoji Function:

    - Slide the instruction bar to "Add Emoji Text"
- Type the text
- Press "Add above" or "Add below" to insert the emoji text

More Functions:

    - Press "Star" on the left and choose your own template
- Press "Plus" to add another row of emoji
    - Press "Minus" to delete the bottom row of emoji
- Press "Fill" to fill the SMS bubble with the chosen emoji

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    ** Please help us to leave some reviews on App Store **
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