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    Frog Dissection Educational App Awaiting Approval in App Store

    Product URL: Virtual Frog Dissection | Educational iPad App

    Requirements: Works with iPad

    What is Virtual Frog Dissection?

    Frog Dissection is a one-of-a-kind virtual lab app from Emantras. This cool iPad app lets you dissect a frog using dissection instruments pins, scalpel, marker, and forceps. And step-by-step instructions, detailed labeling and 3D views give an extremely real feel to this virtual dissection.

    App Description:

    Imagine dissecting a frog on your iPad! Emantras Frog Dissection is the first of its kind to hit the app store. This app is for educators and learners alike; anyone who wants to practice before or instead of an actual dissection.

    Subject Matter Experts (SME) were involved in taking this frog dissection app from its conceptualization to its final execution. Their inputs played an important role in designing the app to be scientifically accurate and user friendly. Frog Dissection allows you to dissect a chloroformed specimen complete with dissection instruments pins, scalpel, marker, and forceps. Step-by-step instructions and 3D views give an extremely real feel. The best thing about this app is the 3D imaging of anatomy, which gives life like clarity and an exact picture of the specimens internal organ system. Each organ can be removed and rotated for a methodical view. This clear dissection sequence gives students the feel of performing a live dissection minus the hassles of a wet lab. This virtual frog dissection is perfect for those who might have formalin allergies, feel uneasy about live dissections, and/or dont like the smell and mess of a lab.

    So, grab this app for stress free dissections and/or a quick refresher course on frog dissections. And the frogs of the world will thank you!


    Demo Video URL:

    Coming Soon on App Store
    06-22-2010 12:59 AM
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    Demo Video URL:

    Now out on App Stores.
    Download Frog Dissection App - Frog Dissection for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the iTunes App Store
    06-23-2010 06:08 AM
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    We have some fantastic news to share. Emantras has been chosen to receive the Mark Twain Ethical Science Award from PETA.

    We are also getting ready to launch an updated version of Frog Dissection with the following features:
    - 5 more organs (Spleen, Large Intestine, Gallbladder, Pancreas & Fat Bodies).
    - Voiceovers for Instruction & Reading.
    - Detailed Labels.
    - All About Frogs (Classification, Lifecycle, Organ function etc).
    - A look into the Human body vs. Frog Body.

    Keep sending us your feedback. We love to hear from our users.
    07-29-2010 11:13 PM
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    After the resounding success of Frog Dissection, the PETA award winning app, Punflay introduces version 1.2 in the iTunes store. The new version has many new features. Apart from learning about more organs and their functions, users will find the extra information on frogs particularly useful. Included in this segment are the complete life cycle of frogs and a comparison of frogs with humans.

    Download the Frog Dissection App - Frog Dissection for iPad on the iTunes App Store
    08-20-2010 05:41 AM