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    Money Pig! - Money Pig for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the iTunes App Store

    Do you have an iPhone or iPad?
    Have you ever wondered how much your time is worth?
    Have you ever needed an uplifting distraction from your job?
    Have you ever wanted to see how much you make on a second by second basis?
    Watch your money grow with Money Pig! Punch in, set your hourly wage, and watch as the money you make trickles down from the sky into one of several selectable piggybanks below.
    Waiting tables? Do you just want to see a lot of money rain down from the sky? Simply add tips with the drop down Tip Balloon for instant gratification!
    Touching the Options cloud lets you pick your pig, set your starting time, hourly wage, and even your tax cut. Clicking the Punch in button sets the starting time for you.
    Tap a falling coin to send it back in the air see how many coins you can juggle at once!
    Selectable Piggy Banks
    Set your wage, start time and tax percentage to calculate your income
    Interactive animated objects and menus
    06-18-2010 11:54 AM