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    How to convert almost any kind of DVD to iPad?

    Cucusoft DVD to iPad Converter is the easiest-to-use and fastest DVD to iPad converter for Apple iPad movie and iPad video. It can convert almost any kind of DVD to iPad movie or iPad video format. It is also a powerful DVD to iPad converter with a conversion speed that is much faster than real-time. With this converter, you can use your iPad as a portable DVD player and enjoy your favorite DVDs on your iPad.

    1. Three Running Modes
    --In Direct Mode, you can directly click the DVD menu to select the movie you want to rip. This mode is very easy for ripping DVD movies.
    --In Batch Mode, you can select the DVD titles or chapters you want to rip via a checkbox list. This mode is very easy for batch ripping music DVDs, MTV DVDs and episodic DVDs.
    --In 1-Click Mode, you just need one click to open a DVD, after which the rest of the task will be done automatically. This is a designed-for-dummies mode.
    2. Input Types
    You can convert almost any kind of DVD format to iPad.
    3. Output Splitting
    You can split your output video by DVD chapters and titles. Fully supports MTV DVDs and episodic DVDs.
    4. File Size and Quality Adjustment
    You can customize the output file size and corresponding video quality.
    5. Flexible Output Profiles
    You can easily customize the various video settings such as brightness, bit rate, etc.
    6. Language Selection for Subtitles and Audio Track
    In Direct mode and in Batch mode, you can select the subtitle and audio track language. (In 1-Click mode, the default language is chosen automatically).
    7. Video Crop
    You can crop your video to 16:9, 4:3, full screen, etc.
    8. Video Resize
    You can resize your video. For example, you can set it to "Keep aspect ratio" or "Stretch to fit screen."
    9. Other
    Converts DVD to MP3 audio.
    Supports Dolby, DTS Surround audio track.
    Converts to the latest iPhone, 4th generation iPad nano, nano chromatic, 2nd generation iPad touch, and Apple TV.

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