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    we made 1.1 version, check it out:


    REVELATION of ancient mystery
    Belgrade, Serbia: Two Desperados is presenting FREE release of "GetEasyPass 1.1", for iPhone
    Password generator with beautiful graphics and cool sound effects.
    Your password is too simple? Or you keep forgetting it? Do you want to save your password from unwanted views? GetEasyPass will generate password which is unique for your iPhone / iPod, so you wont ever lost it. By combination of your key word and ID of your device, you will own unique password which could be recreated only at your iPhone / iPod and your safety word, which can be your name, could be insurmountable wall for unwanted views.
    Feature list:
    - Easy password generation
    - Send your password via email
    - Copy it to memory and paste it when needed
    Added futures:
    New, improved version of GetEasyPass FREE application!
    - Now you dont need to add word to convert into password. If you like your device will create unique password for you only by pressing Generate button
    - New icon design
    About Two Desperados
    Based in Serbia, focused on developing games and apps for mobile devices such as iPhone and Android. Two Desperados have developed GetEasyPass application and are in progress of developing a couple of new ones.

    Vojislav Milutinovic
    Vuka Karadzica 7a, Belgrade

    06-16-2010 09:00 AM