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    App Description:

    Contacto is a powerful communication tool for professionals who want to increase their productivity. This innovative application helps you quickly organize your contacts into groups using Contacto's Smart Suggestions technology. Its friendly user interface lets you manage you iPhone contacts with easy mnemonics and contact picture support.

    Here are some of Contacto's neat features:
    • Create an unlimited number of groups and contacts arranged as icons in one or multiple pages.
    • Add new contacts in a breeze taking full advantage of Smart Suggestions technology. Smart Suggestions automatically analyzes your address book and suggests a list of contacts related to your current group, reducing setup time by up to 60%.
    • Create your own fully customizable groups or just use the predefined groups from the Contacto gallery.
    • Rearrange the order of your groups or contacts, creating your own visual mnemonics.
    • Switch between the lazy (9 contacts per page) and professional view (16 contacts per page).
    • Enjoy Contacto's very fast start-up time.

    Contacto's powerful contact management features include:
    • Select a new default quick-dial action be it a phone number, SMS, email or even a web page!
    • Move a contact between groups.
    • Change the contact icon using a picture out of your photo album or any icon from the Contacto gallery.
    • Change the nickname of a contact.
    • View and modify a contact directly in the iPhone's Address Book application.
    • Send an SMS/e-mail to a contact.
    • Add/delete a contact.

    Contacto groups allow you to:
    • Send mass email to all contacts in a group.
    • Change the group icon using any of the group member icons, any picture from your photo album or one of the icons from the Contacto gallery.
    • Customize the group name or background color.
    • Add/delete a group.

    Take advantage of Contacto's rich features to get the most out of your address book.
    Enjoy Contacto's simple, intelligent interface.
    Start using Contacto today!

    Developer's Website: Contacto - The smart communication tool!

    App Store link: Contacto - Smart Contact Management, Group Email, Photo Speed Dialer for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the iTunes App Store

    Video link: http://www.alesman.com/media/contacto-screencast1.mov

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    I hope you enjoy Contacto!
    06-14-2010 01:34 PM
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    Sounds awesome! I used PL9M3LT77NXX. Someone else had already used the other one.
    06-14-2010 03:44 PM