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    Hello everyone! I'm trying to spread the word about a new upcoming game: Wispin, coming soon to iPhone & iPod Touch! This is the first release by spunky new independent developer, Grumpyface Studios! Please take a look:

    Wispin is a fast-paced arcade title featuring unique "color-based" gameplay. Use the innovative "Touch Color Wheel" to change the color of Wispin's aura on the fly and gain special immunities and offensive abilities! But beware, your choice of color contains weaknesses as well! Quick thinking will be needed to triumph over a quirky cast of enemy characters, each sporting unique attributes of their own...

    Check out the development blog at blogspost.com and bookmark us to follow development updates! (Check back soon for a gameplay trailer!)

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    Thanks a bunch peeps! Looking forward to showing you more soon!
    06-13-2010 02:23 PM