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    "Well worth checking out for 99c, 0.79 or 59p, even without the promise of three new games in two weeks time." --PocketGamer

    "In an attempt to market games in a short attention span world, Dreamsky has released iGameDock featuring a twice monthly changing game lineup." --148Apps

    # What's Hot in Game, Racing of US store.
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    FRIST ISSUE 02, June 2010

    Particle Wars FULL VERSION
    A shooting game to describe battles between transformed particles Various special effects and characters appeared in this game are constituted with particles.
    12 STAGES in total and is constituted with a one-to-one fight with the boss of enemy.
    60 CHARACTERS in total, and the character of hero is brought up in two ways now.
    3 WEAPONS upgraded from basic weapon.

    Doodle LeftorRight - FULL VERSION
    Doodle LeftorRight is a Doodle style causal game.
    CHALLAGES mode available.

    Electron Zero - FULL VERSION
    ** and Top 25 in Russia, Italy, Poland, Taiwan, USA, Holland, Germany **
    Get ready for the most addictive memory game for the iPhone!
    Follow Electron Zero through twists and turns, with explosions and bonus points for speed.

    Let's look forward to the next issue!

    On top of providing quality games, will provide more free game info.

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    DreamSky Technology announces the launch of iGameDock, a social gamebox that delivers multiple games inside of one app. Featuring three games at a time inside one application, iGameDock is the only gamebox that rotates the games allowing players to play a variety of games from a variety of developers for the base price of $0.99.

    At only $0.99, iGameDock has exceptional value for game players while allowing game developers new exposure. In addition, its small, maintained file size makes updating with new games via 3G an easy task, compared to other gamebox apps.

    Weve learned from our experience as mobile game players,and game developers, that most mobile games have a player attention span of 3-5 days. Hence it makes much sense to provide iGameDock as a continuing game feature platform for users so that they can keep trying new games without having to compromise on cost and memory space, said Michael Chan, CEO, Dreamsky Technology.

    In addition to the game rotation feature, Dreamsky has partnered with FreeAppADay to send players updates on game promotions. The social gaming features are powered by Scoreloop. Some of the social features include player challenges, achievements and leaderboards. With the Scoreloop integration, game players can play challenges to win coins, which can be used to redeem rewards in future updates of the app. And iGameDock also features game recommendations from prominent reviewers.

    iGameDock Features:
    Rotating games from the AppStore by different developers every 2 weeks
    FreeAppADay promotions
    Push notification enabled
    Social features including leaderboards, challenges, virtual coins and rewards.
    Under 20 MB and downloadable on the iPhone via 3G
    Cost is only $0.99

    First 3 games included in iGameDock for $0.99 - the player receives a $4.00 value:
    - Electron Zero from Adylitica Studios (Typically $1.99)
    - Particle Wars from 2Park (Typically $0.99)
    - Doodle LeftorRight from Dreamsky Technology (Typically $0.99)

    About DreamSky Technology
    Dreamsky is a company based in Shenzhen, China, dedicated to developing cross-platform applications for the global mobile entertainment industry. With iGameDock, Dreamsky seeks to provide both players and developers a platform to connect and have fun, in the current plethora of apps on the AppStore. Dreamsky is actively seeking to collaborate with game developers, publishers and promotion channels for more quality content, and greater distribution of iGameDock.
    06-12-2010 04:49 AM