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    Hi Everybody,

    Check out the new puzzle game: "CrosDoku". It's a new one-of-a-kind addicting puzzle game that will stimulate your brains. CrosDoku is better than Sudoku and tops any crossword out there. It will get you hooked for hours of fun.

    CrosDoku has a 5 star rating *****

    Search the App Store for: CrosDoku

    - Unlimited number of puzzles. Yes, every new game is unique
    - Revolutionary graphics that offer a welcoming interface
    - Intuitive game, simple yet challenging
    - Suitable for all ages
    - Two levels: Easy and Hard
    - Choose between a regular timer and a count-down time-to-beat
    - Beautiful sound track that sets the right mood for the game
    - The game remembers your Average Time for each level so you can keep trying to improve your performance

    The objective of the game:
    Completely fill the grid with the tiles given below it.

    Have Fun!
    06-08-2010 08:30 PM