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    Cartoon Roach Lite
    By Kooapps LLC

    Size: Less than 10mb
    Version: 1.0
    Price: FREE
    iTunes Link: Cartoon Roach Lite for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the iTunes App Store
    Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod iouch.
    Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later

    "Trained from a ninja village hidden behind the Japanese mountains, they have mastered the art of deception. Their Shadow Clone Technique is especially effective in confusing enemies."
    - Konoha Ninja Roach

    "With only 300 of these roaches, Leonidas fends off the Persian attack. Famous for the phalanx formation, these roaches are indestructible with their shields."
    - Spartan Roach

    "Marched from the graveyards of Raccoon City, these near-invulnerable roaches will be extremely hard to kill. But they do have their weak spots."
    - Living Dead Roach

    *** Featured by Apple on the New & Noteworthy

    Cartoon Roach is a downright exciting game. It features tons and tons of content that will get you hooked, and has amazing artwork! It comes highly recommended to people that want something different than the regular old fly squashing games - Appmodo

    Play with only 3 of our many fun roaches from the cartoon world. Support us and download the full version!

    Compete with your friends as you battle the most powerful roaches from the cartoon world, all with a tap of your finger.

    Featuring 10 cartoon roaches, leaderboards, Facebook and Twitter integration all in one addicting game.

    Youtube Tutorial Video:

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    A note from our producer:
    Inspired by our favorite cartoon and movie characters, we've put together a game that will bring back childhood memories.

    Any questions or suggestions?
    Email us at support@kooapps.com
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    06-08-2010 01:49 AM