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    Ocularis The Eye Game is designed to test and enhance the users optic abilities. Ocularis is an application bundle composed of three highly engaging eye games: Tap the Diff, Camouflage Mania, and Color Challenge. All games are updated takes on popular classics spot the difference, hidden objects, and the puzzle game. Game play is made more exciting through the addition of a time pressure element. Additional level packs will be made available with future updates.

    It is also an educational iPhone application as it provides useful information about ones eyesight through in-game pop ups displayed during game intervals. A section called Eye Facts is included and is dedicated to providing users with more facts about the eye, eye conditions, and tools that people can use to further improve or enhance their eyesight. With stunning graphics and simple, yet highly intuitive interface, Ocularis is definitely a must-have for everyone who wants to care for their eyes in the most fun and entertaining way.

    Distributed by PODD Media, Ocularis is available for iPhone and iPod Touch devices running firmware version 3.0 and higher. The application can be purchased at $1.99 per download through the iTunes App Store.
    06-07-2010 06:17 AM