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    the assome program i see it

    iPhone Ringtone Maker 2.1.3

    iPhone RingTone Maker, A complete solution to let you create custom apple iphone ringtones onto your apple iPhone.

    This custom iPhone ringtones maker software is an all in one ringtone maker solution that allow user import .mp3 song to create, edit, and manage custom ringtones onto your iPhone.

    The entire process of creating and uploading custom iphone ringtone to apple iphone is automated.

    Beside that, there are two new exciting features introduces in iPhone RingTone Maker 2.1.3 are the Ringtone Shuffling and Volume boosting.


    Ringtone Shuffling
    Users with many ringtones on their iPhone can now enjoy the random playing of any of these favorite ringtones.

    Volume Boosting
    Sound enchancement features that helps some mp3 files sound louder on the iPhone by applying digital amplification to any desired level.

    iPhone RingTone Make 2.1.3 currently supports all iPhone firmwares v1.0.1, v1.0.2, v1.1.1, v1.1.2 and works with iTunes v7.3 to v7.5. However, there is still no Mac support yet, it works on Windows only.

    Meanwhile, there is no risk using iPhone RingTone Maker because this software doesnt not hack or touch the iPhones internal structure.

    Note: Make sure you have your iPhone software updated to software 1.1.3 and you have iTunes v7.6+ installed in your computer.....

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