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    Hi there,

    Im Robert at Granet Entertainment. I want to talk to you about our new FindIT 2 a game to Spot the Differences for iPhone, iPod Touch and also soon available for iPad.

    The concept for this app is quite revolutionary because it introduces a high-level community aspect to classic uses. We have created the FindIT Editor a Spot the Differences editor capable of creating playable levels and then of sharing them.

    FindIT 2 and FindIT Editor are now setting the standard for Spot the Differences games on AppStore.
    I suggest you to take a look at the FindIT 2 Promo Video, just to have a preview of the game quality:

    Here some important links:
    Promotional Video on Youtube:

    FindIT 2 on iTunes: FindIT 2 for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the iTunes App Store
    FindIT 2 Website: Granet Entertainment

    FindIT Editor on iTunes: FindIT Editor for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the iTunes App Store
    FindIT Editor Website: Granet Entertainment

    No other game is able to guarantee its players INFINITE levels. FindIT 2 does! In fact, there are more than 100 brand new levels created by Granets team of backroom artists. Also incorporated into the app is the ability to play with the images of each of FindITs versions divided into categories such as Summer, Carnival and Hot Cars!

    But it does not finish here from 350, the levels can only increase. Thanks to the levels editor, you have a range of choices between tens, hundreds and thousands of new images created by FindIT Community! This is unending fun!

    The images have been put into categories so as to make updating easy. With images taken directly from the web, it is now even easier to download new levels with which to play.

    With FindIT 2, the concept of Spot the Differences combines perfectly with that of community either by using the editor, or by using OpenFeint, thus creating one of the longest-lasting games for iPhone.


    The Granet team overcame what were deficiencies in the earlier versions of FindIT by giving these apps both stylish and enjoyable computer graphics.

    Our research and attention to interaction detail makes FindIT2 one of the best apps of its kind. Just the new level selector alone, shows with what attention to detail the app has been designed, starting with the tap sounds, right up to the gameplay moves.

    The control feature during the game has been completely revised and improved over previous versions. It is now possible to zoom, move around, and tap the differences in both right and left images, leaving complete control and greater precision in spotting and choosing the differences.

    As regards the gameplay, this has been examined so that everything revolves around the time taken in completing the various levels. The time saved is stored and can be used on successive levels. This is the basic criterion for calculating points which can then be posted onto the leaderboard of FindIT Editor.
    At many of FindIT 2s levels, you can send a challenge to an OpenFeint friend, about the time saved on the same level so as to see which of you has taken less time.

    When you make a mistake tapping on a difference, a penalty is imposed upping the times. Not just that, but also after a consecutive series of mistakes, the iPhone vibrates warning as if these were haphazard attempts and the time penalty is increased.

    To help the player, there is a Hint on every level, which is useful to show the more forbidding differences.

    Hint should be used sparingly, not only because it is going to affect negatively on overall point scoring, but also to free up OpenFeints achievement results. In effect, if 10 and 30 consecutive levels are completed without Hints, the player gets No Hints 10 and No Hints 30 as results.

    A new level of difficulty has also been introduced the Nightmare. In this mode, the image with the differences is turned horizontally adding to the gameplay a touch of fun and greater complexity. Linked to this is the Nightmare finish achievement which can be unlocked, only if the game is finished in this mode.


    The commitment needed to finish the various levels is rewarded with these achievements.

    The following is a list of all the aims currently in the new FindIT 2:
    Finishing at any level and getting 100% precision without any Hint,
    Finishing the first 25 levels with an under-a-minute average,
    Finishing 10 consecutive levels without any Hint,
    Finishing any 30 consecutive levels without any Hint,
    Finishing any level in 30 seconds,
    Finishing any level in 15 seconds,
    Not ever having re-played a level, and
    Having finished the game at Nightmare level (Mirror)

    FindIT revolution

    FindIT Editor is the multimedia revolution of entertainment apps, and in particular, of Spot the Differences games.

    The concept of the application is revolutionary because it introduces a high-level community aspect to classic uses.

    The FindIT Community has at its base the principles of game results sharing and of comparison at the various levels. However, it introduces a new interesting aspect which looks at the exchange of game content, that is to say, of modified images being shared directly between the videogame players. The key characteristic of the FindIT revolution is really FindIT Editor the innovative levels editor distributed free on AppStore.

    FindIT Editor gives you the ability to begin with photos taken there and then, or with images on the device, to unleash your own creativity.

    With a little bit of imagination and a video tutorial, even you can become adept non-professional graphic designers and release your own FindIT Creation in just a few minutes!

    Once a level has been created, this is uploaded directly online by the editor, and can be found by other players, under the Most recent ranking on the FindIT 2 leaderboard, and if your images are really liked and positively voted for, they get the heading of Most votes giving the player the fame of being a FindIT Artist.

    Our creations, besides providing us with our own entertainment and also amusement for other FindIT players, have allowed us to achieve two great OpenFeint achievementsof 500 points each!

    What do you think about it? Are you ready to submit your differences?
    Have a nice day
    06-05-2010 07:52 AM
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    Hi there,

    Im Robert at Granet Entertainment.

    I would like to tell you two important news about our hottest app "FindIT 2":

    - FindIT 2 Lite version is now on the App Store!

    - We have launched today a competition aimed to encourage the community to create the best image with FindIT Editor app

    You could find more information to the web page of the contest: granet.it/contest.php
    The competition is open to everybody.
    I think that it's a great idea, isn't it?
    Users can partecipate for free and the winner will get an iTunes Card $15.

    Are you ready???

    06-11-2010 02:57 AM