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    For some British low-brow humor and an entertaining adventure, this new point and click adventure has just what the police ordered. CAUTION: This game is meant for individuals over the age of 17 only. Yes, its that type of humor!

    This will take you to the point and click world of Hector, a police negotiator. He is crude, sarcastic and hysterical. You will follow and help him around as he interacts with many different people, places and objects. He has a witty comment for everything and literally leaves no stone unturned.

    The basics of the game are to look around each enviornment and find out what in the situation can be used to help him further his mission. You will be confronted with all sorts of tasks and each with require you to come up with a unique solution using different materials and resources. Creativty and patience are important for playing the game. Sometimes the weirdest solutions may be the one that will accomplish what is necessary.

    The gameplay itself consists of tapping on the screen and interacting with everything in sight. You will interact with people, objects and places. By tapping an object once you will have an inital interaction with it. Ususally Hector just says something funny or sarcastic which may contain clues but is most of the time just a joke. If you double tap on objects then you will be able to act on them. Objects that you pick up will be placed in your inventory. Once in your inventory, you have several options what to do with these objects. If you click on them, you will select that object. Once selected you can try to make that object interact with other objects or the enviornment or people, or you can try combining it with another object in the inventory by selecting the other objects in the inventory. You can also double tap an object to examine it because sometimes a closer look can be quite helpful.

    There storyline is large and has a decent amount of content. Almost all parts of the enviornment are clickable and lead to funny comments. The controls are very responsive and I did not experience and glitches or crashing. A wonderful addition to the app store, the only question that should be left in your mind is when does episode two come out!
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    Sorry for my typo, I really meant that this game is only for individuals over the age of 17. But I fixed it now
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