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    Sinecure Industries is out to ruin your life. How and why? Read more or simply click "install" now!

    Esteemed humorologist Michael Mizov (The Wannabe Screenwriter Extraordinaire) spent a year finding people whose lives serve as a warning for others. He carefully researched why those people ended up in their situation, what decision caused their train-wreck, what course of action was ultimately their final one, ... and carefully summed it up in a single sentence.

    After cataloging over 800 pieces of bad advice, Sinecure Industries put it into this app and is now serving it up for mass consumption. This advice will more than likely land you in the hospital, jail or the morgue - use it at you own discretion.

    In the event you DO follow the advice, please film it and upload to YouTube. We will include it on the Sinecure Industries YouTube Channel at YouTube - SinecureIndustries's Channel - but keep in mind that Sinecure Industries is NOT responsible for the outcome - and by downloading this app you agree to this fact.


    In a fit of altruism and concern over the greater good of the fate of the human race, Sinecure Industries is now giving this advice away for free.

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