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    Title: Geomashable Geotagging Your Facebook, Twitter, Wikipedia, Bing, And Flikr On IPad

    App Name - Geomashable
    Category - Social Networking
    Developer - Shai Leib
    Price - $0,99

    GeoMashable - Amped Up Geotagged Social Networking On Ipad


    Geomashable is the ultimate Ipad mashup client for popular geotagged social networks and search engines such as Twitter, Flickr, Facebook, Wikipedia, and Bing.

    Features include:
    1) Wikipedia geotagged articles are like having a tour guide for local geotagged attractions and points of interest
    2) Social Network list views optimized for Ipad
    3) Find network feeds on map and Route to their location
    4) New updates coming soon:
    5) Enhanced Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Wikipedia searches not just location based but also people and subject based.
    6) Share your experiences through Geomashable with your Facebook and Twitter friends.
    7) New YouTube geotagged search.

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    Website : GeoMashable - Amped Up Geotagged Social Networking On Ipad

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