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    Exodus will be available on appStore on 4th June!
    Price: 1.99 $

    'Are you enough skilled to manage your own space fleet? Have you enough courage to avoid all the dangers that populate the universe? Do you think that you have steel nerves? Then Exodus needs you!

    Your goal is travel from distant planets rescuing people by putting them safely on Space Stations docks. But the mission will not be easy, because galaxy is full of dangers: asteroids move free everywhere flattening everything on his path; watch out for black holes that arise everywhere swallowing ships on his way; undesirable aliens will try to infest your ships and kill all your crew!

    You, as captain, will have to avoid all this perils, managing to rescue the people and driving them safely to docks on Space Stations.'

    Action/Strategy/Route management
    OpenFeint enabled with 7 leaderboards and 14 achievements.
    Six beautiful stages to play.
    Three different danger events to avoid, which includes black holes, aliens and asteroids.
    In progress game save system.
    Stunning graphics
    Rich sound effect.
    Vibrant music.

    Download our exclusive Exodus wallpaper for free!! Exodus Wallpaper


    Exodus Website: http://www.exodus-thegame.com
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    05-29-2010 05:55 AM
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    06-04-2010 02:08 PM
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    Looks good!! Kinda like it!
    06-05-2010 11:48 PM
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    Thanks for your support!

    You also can watch a sample of the gameplay here.

    06-06-2010 11:02 AM
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    Exodus is on sale for 0.99$ only for this weekend!

    06-19-2010 04:19 AM