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    Good afternoon - We just released our first game to the App Store called Toy Physics. To our surprise, it was reviewed today by iPhoneFreak and given 5 out 5. Since we just made the app available today, no one has really had time to review it yet.

    Some of the interesting comments made in the review:

    "Toy Physics App Review - Physical Perfection"

    Toy Physics is fantastic fun

    "has truly exciting and challenging gameplay and a lovely style all of its own

    "It reminds me of other great puzzlers such as Geared and Peggle "

    An absolute must buy


    He was not paid or endorsed in any way for that review.

    Our website is toyphysicsgame.com

    We have two versions available - The Lite and Full version. The full verison is 1.99 and has all 40 levels.

    Thanks for taking a look at it -

    05-26-2010 01:16 PM