1. baste07's Avatar
    has anyone use this?

    i am encountering an issue with it, it is saying that the phone is not compatible to charge with the accessory

    can anyone help?
    05-23-2010 08:41 AM
  2. suitebliss's Avatar
    Do you have the USB plugged in all the way? I have this problem when the USB cable isn't plugged in all the way, but I don't use this app. Hopefully, this will help.
    05-23-2010 10:48 AM
  3. baste07's Avatar
    yeah i plug it all the way in. but next time i'm going to make sure its really firm
    05-23-2010 07:31 PM
  4. bamf-hacker's Avatar
    turn it on before you plug it in.

    If you plug it in then turn it on you get the not compatible.
    05-23-2010 07:34 PM
  5. baste07's Avatar
    the iwalk has no ON button, it goes on when you plug it in the device.
    05-23-2010 07:43 PM
  6. bamf-hacker's Avatar
    05-23-2010 08:38 PM
  7. baste07's Avatar
    no. iwalk 800
    05-24-2010 10:55 AM
  8. bamf-hacker's Avatar
    Cant help you there. I would contact LuckyPacks and ask them. They are very responsive.
    05-24-2010 02:04 PM