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    Suzie's Sushi House
    By Kooapps LLC

    Size: Less than 10mb
    Version: 1.5
    Price: $1.99
    iTunes Links:Suzie's Sushi House for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the iTunes App Store

    Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch
    Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later

    Now open to serve you!
    Ever dreamed of having your own sushi house? This is your chance to have one. Help out Suzie to realize her dreams, to have a world class sushi house! This game features 31 challenging levels of sushi making and satisfying the customers. Donít let the customers waiting for that long, theyíll leave and it will have a bad effect on the stats at the end of the day. You get to learn 19 tasty looking real life sushi recipes youíd wish you can make one too. It has two different modes to suit your gaming level, the easy mode and the hard mode. After finishing a certain task you will be awarded by an achievement. Show off your scores to your friends. Be the best sushi master with just a tap of your finger.

    19 amazing real-life sushi recipes
    31 levels of fun
    12 ingredients to make your sushi
    9 challenging achievements
    9 high quality sound tracks
    Star reputation system to boost your score
    Leader board to compare your score with your friends
    Easy and Hard modes
    Intuitive controls and an interactive tutorial
    And a hidden recipe Hot Loverís Roll

    Youtube Tutorial Video:

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    05-18-2010 04:22 AM
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    Suzie's Sushi house is a fun and addicting game. once you played it you can't put it down!
    10-14-2010 09:48 PM