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    :: Ask Social Questions. What's this? ::

    With Spuzzle, instead of telling someone what's on your mind or what's happening, you can challenge them to figure it out. You pose a question and then add photos and clues that will give players hints to the correct answer. You get to choose how players answer your question and then we let you know who answered your Spuzzle correctly. You can share your question by e-mail, post it on your Facebook wall or even tweet it. Fun, huh?

    To access the app on the iTunes App Store, visit Social Questions for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the iTunes App Store or to learn more about Spuzzle, see a demo or play for free, visit Spuzzle - Social Puzzle Question and Answer Game

    :: What's cool about Spuzzle? ::

    * Use your question or pick from our suggestions
    * If you need help, we provide helpful "hints"
    * You get to add your own photos and witty clues
    * You get to choose how players answer
    * 3 options - exact, open ended or multiple choice
    * Players answers are tracked and provided to you
    * You can e-mail players in your contact list
    * Login to Facebook and post to your wall
    * Access Twitter account and tweet your Spuzzle
    * Preview everything before it's sent or posted
    * The Spuzzle is saved until it's sent or posted
    * It's easy to reset and create a new Spuzzle
    * You can view each Spuzzle you've created
    * See when players answered and how they did
    * E-mail players about how they did or didn't do
    * You can answer a Spuzzle sent to you
    * Play a Spuzzle created by a company
    * Challenge your friends to Spuzzle each other
    05-17-2010 01:19 AM