1. iphoneattic1979's Avatar
    I was surfing on the Internet and came across this app that educated me on saving water.

    I didn't realize how much water I was wasting doing normal activities, be it washing dishes w/ the water running and leaving the water on while brushing my teeth. I was naive, I didn't realize I was wasting so much water.

    I downloaded this app, and surfed it and I became more aware and educated of the importance of saving water.

    Here's the link for the app: How Blue Are You? for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the iTunes App Store

    More information is found here: American Standard's Responsible Bathroom - Mobile
    05-14-2010 02:25 PM
  2. lungho's Avatar
    Yeah I love the green agenda. Installed low-flow toilets, now it takes 3 flushes instead of 1 to get the job done. These toilets are supposed to save water yet somehow I end up using more.
    05-15-2010 08:39 PM