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    Frosting is an artist casual time management. The first thing that really stuck me what the really beautiful art work. There are so many characters and each location is beautifully designed. There are also so many delicious looking cakes and deserts that you get to prepare. Even the menu screen is so eye catching and colorful.

    The actual gameplay requires you to serve all the customers as quickly as you can when they come in. Customers will glide into the store, find an empty spot at the counter and with a smile place thier order. Sometimes they will order one thing and sometimes two. They can order either a beverage(s) or a desert(s) or one of each. When they order a desert you have to click on the mixing machine and pick the correct ingredients listed under that particular dessert. The desert will then mix for a little bit and then you have to drag the mixed desert to the oven for it to cook. As soon as it is done cooking, you can drag it to the customer. If they ask for an iced beverage you have to tap the beverage machine and click the correct fruit and ice to make that beverage. The machine will make it and then you can drag it to the customer to serve them. In some locations the only available drink they can order will be coffee. To make coffee, you just have to tap the coffee machine and it makes itself. As soon as you have completed the customers order they will pay and leave the store.

    There are many locations that you will be working at. Each one has a different store and some different equipment. Different characters will appear in each location and there will be different deserts and beverages available depending on the day and the location. The differenet deserts means there will be different ingredients available which adds alot to the game because you always get to see something new. Each location has five days. When you complete all the days in that location it will unlock the next location.

    You must serve the customers as quickly as you can or else they start to get mad. It is best if you make the food really quickly and have excess so that you can leave some premade food ready for customers that will come in while you are already busy. The sooner you get the customers out of the store the better. If a customer isn't served in a bit they will start to get annoyed. The character artwork was done so magnificently that you can actually watch the customers mood change on their face as they come in happy, become impatient and annoyed and then get mad. You could also tell their mood by the how many hearts they have left over their head. When they are on their last heart, they are just about to leave the store. You too have hearts, 3 of them. If you lose a customer because they get mad and storm out, you lose a heart. If you lose all 3 hearts its game over. However, as soon as you give the customer something they regain one heart or leave the store if they only had one more thing they wanted. As you progress through the game and go to new locations you also get the ability to give your customers candy. If a customer only has one heart left and is just about to leave the store, you can give them candy and they regain all of their hearts. Other power up come along the way, such as when you get to San Fransico I got two ovens.

    Each level is designed like an endless survival game where the goal is score the highest you can. This is different from the usual time management games where your store closes after a bit such that if you didn't serve enough people at the beginning you won't have made enough to pass that level. Frosting is more like a survival game where you score as high as you can. With built in game local and global high score trackers, the game has great replay value. There is a helpful in game tutorial which is quite helpful at easing you into the game. Frosting gets progressivly harder as you go through the different days and locations. The customers are quicker to get impatient the further into the game you get. The sounds effects go well with the game and the music is very pleasant. All in all its a wonderful time management game. If your up for the challenge and ever wanted your own busy bakery this is the game for you.

    Frosting for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the iTunes App Store
    05-13-2010 02:46 PM