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    Scripts Pro is an outstanding application that allows any user to write & format a script with ease.


    * Auto creation or title page
    * A TAB button for creating the format of a line
    * Scene Outlines
    * Global character editing
    * Importing
    * Universal app platform
    * Import/Export of Celtx (*.celtx), Final Draft (*.fdx) & TXT (*.txt) files
    * E-mail scripts
    * Preview full script
    * Change lowercase to uppercase
    * Import via iTunes (for iPad)


    * iPhone importing requires local WiFi transfer.
    * Inability to import from other servers (e.g.: box.net, etc.)

    Lets face it, when it comes to script writing, you either need a quiet concentrated environment to work in OR you suddenly get a great idea while walking down the side walk, and its a little hard to whip out your laptop and boot it up and... then you forget what you were thinking... Scripts Pro might help you here. Scripts Pro is a Top Tier script writing application for your iPhone & iPad. My initial thought when I saw the application was "I wish I had this when I was in film school!" I'm assuming you are viewing this review because you have either used Celtx or Final Draft in the past or maybe you're using Word. None the less, Scripts Pro can handle any script coming from those programs (assuming you save the script as a .txt file in Word.)

    Importing you scripts into Scripts Pro is quite easy. All you need to do it have your device on the same WiFi network as you computer. You then connect the two using your browser on your computer and you can transfer a script one at a time. On the iPad you can also import via iTunes.

    Scripts Pro makes formatting your script a breeze - it auto-capitalizes scene headings, characters & scene transitions. It keeps a list of all your scenes (can even reorder the scenes) & characters to navigate quickly or to edit a character's name. It also has an auto-complete popup when typing for scene heading (much like the native iPhone spell checker) or the characters so you don't have to constantly re-type each character's name. On the iPad you have extra built-in options with the "replace" context menu.

    Another notable feature within the app is the "TAB" button that has been added. In computer script writing software, the use of the TAB button is necessary in order to format certain elements within a script correctly. With the addition of it in the app, users will find it's VERY helpful (why didn't Apple add it...)

    The application also allows you to hide the top panel of the keyboard so that you can see more of your script.

    On the iPad, you have much more room to see your script. The menus for viewing character & scenes are drop downs compared to view it on a new screen on the iPad or iPod touch.

    Finally, you also have the ability to view your script, title page & all to see it in its entirety.

    Overall the application is very nice and perfect for any script writer that is looking to not get distracted in a software environment while writing. When the app initially released, the app seemed hard to navigate without any instructions. But the developer soon came up with an instruction manual. It can be found here. At $5.99 this universal app is a great deal. To add to its reputation, the developer seems to be consistently updating the app to make the app better and more efficient. If you are still hesitant about getting the app, you can download the "lite" version of the app called "Scripts"

    [iTunes Link - $5.99]
    05-11-2010 12:28 PM