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    Save The Day is the second adventure in a series for our heroes, Madera Monkey and Figaro Frog. The first app in the series was featured in USATODAY.com and in the Android Market and won 2nd place for Best App For Pre-Schoolers, 2009 Best App Ever Awards.

    Save The Day is one of the most interactive storybook apps on the App Store. The story was written to take advantage of the iPad/iPhone/iPod touch interactive technology. It features a mini paint program, draggable trucks, tractor, and helicopter, games to teach size, color, shape, and counting, wipe-the-screen-reveal game, game to catch animated fireflies, interactive blimps that recites the alphabet, hot air balloons that recite numbers, instruments that play melodies when clicked, and many more interactive elements. Save The Day is a universal app that runs in HD on the iPad.

    LIST OF ALL INTERACTIVE ELEMENTS: Save The Day - Fun Educational Game For Kids 3-6 years old

    FULL DESCRIPTION: Save The Day - A Fun Educational Game For Kids 3-6 years old

    SCREENSHOTS: Save The Day Screenshots


    LINK TO APP STORE: Madera & Figaro Save The Day HD for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the iTunes App Store
    05-11-2010 03:42 AM