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    Hi to all,

    My company (i'm the founder), Pixel Mines Games based in Italy, has just released GORO'S WAY, an interesting platform game just released on Apple AppStore.

    Here some informations and links about the app:

    ITunes link: Goro's Way for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the iTunes App Store

    PROMO PRICE: $ 0.99 until 15th of May


    Help Goro fulfill his dream! Lead him through platforms, trampolines and unexpected enemies to make him become the ultimate platform game star!
    Game experience is subdivided into 4 worlds and 44 levels.
    You have to defeat every enemy and collect all the "certificates" you can find in the game set in order to change the current level.
    Goro has unlimited ammo, a particular that makes you feel into a sort of arcade shooter and is essential to fight against crazy final bosses.
    This gameplay is traditional only at first sight but is essentially different from the typical style of platform games.
    You have to go on slowly, tactically, and memorize your ideal "way" and enemies' patterns.
    More than once you need to use Goro's mobile trampoline, which you have to touch&drag in strategical positions.

    - Fun and creative graphics
    - Original soundtrack
    - Platform-style gameplay with puzzle elements
    - 44 levels and 4 worlds for hours of challenge!
    - 4 foolish final-stage bosses!
    - 2 levels of difficulty: NORMAL and SUPERHERO
    - Auto saving system



    For more details please visit:

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    I hope you will enjoy it!
    05-10-2010 04:20 PM