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    Dress Mommy Postcard App for Mothers Day Expected To Hit The Stores Shortly.

    This Mothers Day, Send your Mom your own Card with Dress Mommy!

    Product URL: Dress Mommy | Mother's Day interactive Cards for iPhone, iPod touch

    What is Dress Mommy?

    Dress Mommy is a Mothers Day special postcard iPhone app with a mom which takes dress herself with different adornments available as options ranging from a party mom to a business savvy mom.

    App Description:

    As a kid your mom is the be all and end all for all you needed. M is for the million things she does to warm your heart and M, most importantly, is for Mom. So add some oomph to your mothers day this year with our fun app Dress Mommy! Its simple really

    First, choose her look. Do you want to style her as soccer mom, super mom, business mom, top chef mom even party mom? Then pick a fun or funky hairstyle to go with her cool duds, and accessorize for that complete style. Your mom is now ready for her personalized background office, disco etc. Before you send it off though, take a moment to add a pre-recorded voice message, or record your own message. Dont miss this opportunity to let your mom know shes loved!

    Extra Extra!
    7 dresses
    6 hairstyles
    13 accessories
    6 backgrounds
    Special mothers day messages
    Hours and hours of fun


    05-06-2010 08:43 PM
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    wth??? i'm going to pretend i did not click on this thread
    05-06-2010 09:00 PM